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Current Online Courses taught by Dr. Perry

Non-Credit (certificate)
Herbaceous Garden Plants

For Credit through Continuing Education
PSS095 Home Fruit Growing (2 credits, fall)

PSS196 Home Hops Growing (1 credit, winter session)

PSS121 Indoor Plants (1 credit)
PSS123 Herbaceous Garden Plants (2 credits)
PSS195 Flowers and Foliage (1 credit)

PSS 196 Home Vegetable Growing (Spring, 2 credits)

PSS196 Perennial Garden Design (Summer, 3 credits)

Garden tours

contact to be placed on the list to hear first of future tours

watch this site next March for next year's tour postings

coming in 2015, tours to Coastal Maine (2 overnights) late June, day trip to the Montreal botanic gardens late July, and an overnight tour to the Chinese lantern display and Montreal botanic gardens plus the Jean Talon market-- one of the largest produce markets in North America (mid-September)

Extension publications

Articles / Press Releases

Videos are available in several formats, depending on year and formats available then.  Older show titles prior to Jan. 2011 are linked to .rm files, for which you'll need Real Player (available at this link for free) .  Newer titles are linked to YouTube videos, with links as well there for some older videos.  Many also are linked to .wmv files played by Windows Media.

Unless noted, all shows are from Across the Fence (the nation's longest running farm and home show, broadcast daily on the CBS affiliate WCAX in Burlington, VT throughout northern New England and Quebec, and produced jointly with UVM Extension).  If the Real Player link (name of show) does not open automatically when clicked, copy the link location and paste into the open file block in Real Player.

The author and UVM Extension do not endorse any ads appearing on third-party servers.  DVD copies of videos also can be ordered from UVM Extension.  

added 10/14 Montreal Botanic Gardens and Chinese Lanterns  (16min, 10/14) Leonard Perry tours this year's display and fall gardens  (Windows Media)

added 10/14 The Fall Garden  (16min, 10/14) Leonard Perry and Kathy LaLiberte show fall vegetable and garden activities (Windows media)

added 9/14 Master Gardeners at the Vermont State Fair (16min, 9/14)  Leonard Perry visits with master gardeners composters and their projects (Windows media)

added 9/14 The Late Summer Garden  (6min, 8/14)  Just the garden segment from the previous show (Windows media)

added 9/14 In the Late Summer Garden  (16min, 8/14)  Leonard Perry and Kathy LaLiberte show harvesting,saving, and using late season vegetables (Windows media)

In the Summer Garden  (16min, 7/14)  Leonard Perry and Kathy LaLiberte show harvesting and saving summer fruits and vegetables (Windows media)

        Recipes | Storing fruits and vegetables | Freezing Vegetables

Kent-Delord House and Gardens  (16min, 7/14)  Leonard Perry tours these historic gardens in Plattsburg, NY (Windows media)

Rocky Dale Gardens  (16min, 6/14)  Leonard Perry tours with owner Ed Burke this garden in Bristol, VT (Windows media)

Gardens of Greater Boston (16min, 5/14)  Several from this area and southern NH, historic and new (Windows media)

New Annual Flowers (16min, 5/14)  Leonard Perry shows the best from the 2013 Burlington Waterfront Park display (Windows media)

 In the Spring Garden  (16min, 5/14)  Leonard Perry and Kathy LaLiberte show spring garden activities (Windows media)

Home Hops Growing (16min, 4/14) Leonard Perry describes this vine, how to grow it successfully and harvest (Windows media)

Seed Sowing (16min, 4/14) Leonard Perry and Sarah Kingsley Richards give some examples (Windows media

    sowing vegetables leaflet | sowing flowers leaflet

Planning Your Garden (16min, 3/14) Leonard Perry and Kathy LaLiberte show stored produced, planning, sowing (Windows media

Michigan Gardens (16min, 3/14) Leonard Perry visits two gardens in central Michigan (Windows media

Gardens and Plants of Florida (16min, 2/14) Leonard Perry shows two west coast FL gardens and plants (Windows media

Gardening Gifts for 2013 (16min, 12/13) Leonard Perry and Sarah Kingsley Richards give some examples (Windows media

Poinsettias and Holiday Plants (6min, 12/13) Leonard Perry show some favorites and care (Windows media)

Pollinator Perennials research (16min, 10/13) Leonard Perry and Annie White discuss her research (Windows media)

Chinese Lanterns 2013 (16min, 10/13) from Montreal Botanic Gardens, and mosaiculture review (Windows media)

The Nonstop Garden (5min, 09/13) Leonard Perry visits with author Stephanie Cohen on her book (Windows media)

Mosaicultures (16min, 08/13) Leonard Perry shows examples from this year's Montreal display (Windows media

(links to conservation organizations mentioned in the mosaicultures exhibits:

    International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN
    GRASP Great Apes Survival Partnership
    WWF World Wildlife Fund
    WCS Wildlife Conservation Society
    Xerces Society for Pollinator Conservation

    Polar Bears International
Flowers for the Fair (10 min, 08/13) Leonard Perry covers some basics of entering cut flowers and arrangements (Windows media

Fenway Park III (4 min, 08/13) Leonard Perry visits with head groundskeeper David Mellor on his book The Lawn Bible (Windows media)

New Perennials (16min, 07/13) Leonard Perry covers new perennials from his trials and research (plant list, pdf)  (current research) (Windows media)

Bringing Nature Home (4min, 05/13) Leonard Perry visits with Dr. Doug Tallamy on his book of this title (Windows media)  

Fenway Park II (7 min, 07/13) Leonard Perry visits with head groundskeeper David Mellor on his background (Windows media)

Fenway Park (16min, 07/13) Leonard Perry visits with head groundskeeper David Mellor on Fenway (Windows media)  

Poisonous Plants (leaflet OH20, leaflet OH 63 ) (links) (16min, 06/13) Leonard Perry and Dr. Anita Licata discuss common ones (Windows media)

Hildene (16min, 05/13) Leonard Perry visits this estate of Robert Todd Lincoln in southern VT (Windows media)

The King's Garden (16min, 05/13) Leonard Perry visits this garden at Ft. Ticonderoga, NY (Windows media)

New Annual flowers (16min, 04/13) new flowers from the Burlington All-America selections display garden 2012 (Windows media)

Gardens of Western New England (16min, 04/13) Leonard Perry shows several from VT and MA (Windows media)

Seed Sowing (flower list) (vegetable list) (16min, 03/13) Leonard Perry and Kathy LaLiberte show supplies and methods (Windows media)

Biocontrols of Greenhouse Pests (16min, 01/13) Leonard Perry and Colleen Armstrong and Claussens Greenhouse  (Windows media)

Vermont Flower Show 2013 (16min, 02/13) Leonard Perry and Clay Griffith give a preview (Windows media

UVM Greenhouse (16min, 01/13) Leonard Perry and Colleen Armstrong visit the UVM greenhouse  (Windows media)

Green Roofs (16min, 01/13) Leonard Perry and Rebecca Lindenmeyr show examples and how they are made  (Windows media

Gardening Books (book list) (16min, 01/13) Leonard Perry discusses some of his favorite references  (Windows media)

Gardening Gifts for 2012 (16min, 12/12) Leonard Perry and Sarah Kingsley Richards give some examples (Windows media

Poinsettia Care (3 min, 12/12) Leonard Perry shows the main care tips  (Windows media)

Montreal Botanic Gardens Chinese lanterns (16min, 10/12) Leonard Perry shows these from last 5 years (Windows media)

Vegetable Gardening, part III Fall (16min, 9/12) Leonard Perry revisits the gardens of Kathy LaLiberte (Windows media)

Vegetable Gardening, part II Summer (16min, 7/12) Leonard Perry revisits the gardens of Kathy LaLiberte (Windows media)

Montreal Botanical Gardens (16min, 6/12) Leonard Perry shows many of the gardens through various years and seasons (Windows media)

Greenhouse Vegetables, part I (5 min, 5/12) Leonard Perry visits the greenhouse of Kathy LaLiberte (Windows media)

Vegetable Gardening, part I Spring (16min, 5/12) Leonard Perry visits the garden of Kathy LaLiberte (Windows media)

New Annual Flowers (16min, 5/12) Leonard Perry shows some new hardy favorites (Windows media) (plant listing)

Flower Shows of America (16min, 5/12) Leonard Perry and Charlie Nardozzi feature 5 shows from 2012 (Windows media

New Perennials (16min, 4/12) Leonard Perry shows some new hardy favorites (Windows media) (plant listing)

Seed Sowing (16min, 3/12) Leonard Perry and Sarah Kingsley Richards show supplies and methods (Windows media

Living Walls (16min, 2/12) Leonard Perry and Joan Lynch discuss these with photos and a demo (Windows media)

Vermont Landscape Awards 2012 (16min, 2/12) Leonard Perry and Ed Burke illustrate photos of this year's winners  (Windows media)

Fruit Gardener's Bible (16min, 1/12) Leonard Perry talks about his new book and some fruit gardening tips (Windows media)

Gardens of Spain - (16min, 1/12) Leonard Perry shows some gardens and horticulture from Spring 2011(Windows media)

Gifts for the Gardener in 2011- (16 min, aired 12/11) Leonard Perry and Sarah Kingsley-Richards (Windows media)

Montreal Botanic Gardens 2012- (16 min, aired 10/11) Chinese lanterns, September gardens/plants (Windows media)  

Fallscaping- (16 min, aired 10/11) author interview with Stephanie Cohen, also on Perennial Design (Windows media)  

Justin Smith Morrill Homestead- (16 min, aired 6/11) gardens and home with Perry and Howard Coffin (Windows media)

Vermont Grown Trees and Shrubs- (28 min, aired 5/11) visits with the industry and to growers (Windows media)

Landscaping with Julie Moir Messervy- (16 min, aired 5/11) studio and landscape visit (Windows media)  

Outside the Not So Big House- (3 min, aired 5/11) author interview with Julie Moir Messervy (Windows media)  

Home Outside- (3 min, aired 3/11) author interview with Julie Moir Messervy (Windows media)

New Flowers 2011- (16 min, aired 4/11) from theBurlington VT All-America Selections display gardens in 2010 (Windows media)

Seed Sowing- (16 min, aired 3/11) methods and supplies needed, L Perry and S K Richards (Windows media)  

Vermont Flower Show- (16 min, aired 3/11) preview of the 2011 show (Windows media)  

Vermont Landscape Awards- (16 min, aired 2/11) winners with Ed Burke of VNLA (Windows media)  

Gardens of Eastern states- (16 min, aired 1/11) 4 gardens in FL, VA, MD, and MO (Windows media)  

America in Boom- (16 min, aired 1/11) visits to 4 cities 2010, discussion of program (Windows media)  

Gardens of Philadelphia, part 2-- (16 min, aired 1/11) Leonard Perry visits Longwood and Morris Arboretum  (Windows media)  

Gardens of Philadelphia, part 1-- (16 min, aired 1/11) Leonard Perry visits to gardens in 2010 (Windows media)  

Holiday Garden Gifts 2010-- (16 min, aired 12/10) poinsettias, ideas, with Sarah Kingsley Richards (Windows media)  

Roses, a Celebration-- (4 min, aired 2010) author interview, Wayne Winterrowd  (Windows media)  

Elements of Garden Design-- (4 min, aired 2010) author interview, Joe Eck  (Windows media)  

Poisonous Plants-- (16 min, aired 6/10) with Dr. Kathryn Schwarzenberger of UVM   (Windows media)  
New Flowers for 2010-- (16 min, aired 4/10) from theBurlington VT All-America Selections display  (Windows media)  
Vegetable Gardening-- (16 min, aired 4/10) and author interview with Charlie Nardozzi  (Windows media)  
Pruning Fruit Trees-- (16 min, aired 3/10) with Terry Bradshaw of UVM  (Windows media)  
Our Life in Gardens-- (4 min, aired 3/10) author interview, Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd  (Windows media)  
Seed Sowing-- (16min, aired 3/10) methods and supplies needed  (Windows media)  
Cut Flowers-- (16min, aired 2/10) and spring flowering potted plants, choices and care  (Windows media)  
Vermont Landscape Awards-- (16min, aired 1/10) new program of Greenworks, VNLA  (Windows media)  
Longwood Gardens-- (16min, aired 1/10) the famous Pennsylvania gardens  (Windows media)  
Hershey and Chanticleer Gardens-- (16min, aired 1/10) a traditional and a designer's garden  (Windows media)  
Garden Gifts for 2009-- (16min, aired 12/09) holiday gift idea for gardeners  (Windows media)  
Montreal Botanic Gardens 2010 (16min, aired 10/09) July, fall Chinese lanterns  (Windows media)  
Spring bulbs (16min, aired 9/09) with Sarah Kingsley Richards  (Windows media)  
North Hill Garden (16min, aired 7/09) with Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd (Windows media)  
Art and the Gardener book interview (5min, aired 5/09) with author Gordon Hayward  (Windows media)  
New Trees and Shrubs-- (16min, aired 5/09) tips with L Perry and Penelope O'Sullivan  (Windows media)  
New Annual Flowers-- (16min, aired 4/09)  from the 2008 Burlington AAS display garden  (Windows media)  
Perennial Garden Design-- (16min, aired 4/09) tips with L Perry and Stephanie Cohen  (Windows media)  
Seed Sowing 2009-- (16min, aired 3/09) tips with L Perry and C Nardozzi  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Vermont Flower Show 2009-- (16min, aired 3/09) preview of this year's show  (Windows media) (YouTube)
England Gardens tour-- (16min, aired 1/09) VPR tour preview with Charlie Nardozzi   (Windows media) (YouTube)
Tropical Gardens-- (16min, aired 1/09) 3 gardens from Hawaii and Florida  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Seminars-- (16min, aired 1/09) PSS seminars in environmental horticulture (Windows media) (YouTube)
Garden Gifts for 2008-- (16min, aired 12/08) holiday gift idea for gardeners  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Taylor Park-- (16min, aired 9/08) landscape and environmental projects in St Albans, VT    (Windows media) (YouTube)
Historic Gardens-- (16min, aired 8/08) six from central VT and surrounding areas   (Windows media) (YouTube)
Flowers for the Fair-- (16 min., aired 7/08)  how to harvest and design for success  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Cady's Falls Nursery-- (16 min., aired 7/08)  gardens and plants at this Morrisville, VT nursery  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Greatwood Gardens-- (16 min., aired 7/08)  historic garden restoration at Goddard college  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Compost-- (16 min., aired 6/08)  types, design, care and origins  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Spring bulbs-- (16 min., aired 4/08)  types, design, care and origins   (Windows media) (YouTube)
New Flowers for 2008-- (16 min., aired 4/08)  new flowers from 2007 Burlington All-America Selections display garden  (Windows media) (YouTube)
Sowing Seeds-- (16 min., aired 3/08) seed sowing tips and a look at greenhouse sowing    (Windows media) (YouTube)
Chicagoland Gardens-- (16 min., aired 2/08) gardens of Chicago and Rockford, IL    (Windows media) (YouTube)
UVM Greenhouse-- (16 min., aired 1/08) exotic plants, orchids, research, pest control    (Windows media) (YouTube)
Green Gardening Resolutions-- (16 min., aired 1/08) tips for environmentally responsible gardening     (Windows media) (YouTube)
 Holiday Gardening Gifts-- (16 min., aired 12/07) gardening gift ideas    (Windows media) (YouTube)
America in Bloom 2007-- (15 min., aired 11/07) visits to cities in IL and AZ    (Windows media)
Invasive Woody Plants-- (15min, aired 11/07) review of plants and site in Charlotte    (Windows media)
Vermont Master Gardeners 2007 -- (15 min., aired 9/07) Sample projects from northern VT  (Windows media)
Vermont Garden Railways 2007 -- (15 min., aired 7/07) Four layouts featured  
Author interview, Your House Your Garden -- (3 min., aired 5/07) Interview with author Gordon Hayward on this book 
Author interview, The Flower Gardener's Bible-- (3 min., aired 5/07) Interview with author Nancy Hill on this book 
Author interview, The Intimate Garden -- (3 min., aired 5/07) Interview with authors Gordon and Mary Hayward on this book 
 New Flowers for 2007 -- (15 min., aired 5/07) new flowers from 2006 Burlington All-America Selections display garden 
Author interview, Daylilies -- (3 min., aired 5/07) Interview with author Lewis Hill on this book 
Author interview, Stone in the Garden-- (3 min., aired 5/07) Interview with author Gordon Hayward on this book 
 Author interview, Pruning-- (3 min., aired 5/07) Interview with author Lewis Hill on this book 
 Deer Control in Gardens-- (15 min., aired 4/07) basics of deer control methods 
Hayward Gardens-- (15 min., aired 4/07) Putney gardens of landscapers and author Gordon and Mary Hayward 
Vermont Flower Show and Indoor Lighting-- (15 min, aired 3/07) 
Holiday Garden Gifts 2006-- (15 min, aired 12/06) 
A Vermont Garden Railway--part 1-- (5 min, aired 10/06) (Windows media)
A Vermont Garden Railway--part 2-- (5 min, aired 10/06)
A Vermont Garden Railway--part 3-- (4 min, aired 11/06) 
America in Bloom 2006-- (15min, aired 10/06) overview, 25-50K pop. cities 
Central Vermont Master Gardeners-- (15min, aired 9/06) various projects, master composter 
Quebec Gardens-- (15min, aired 9/06) 6 gardens including Jardin de Metis
Montreal Gardens-- (15min, aired 9/06) Flora and Chinese Lanterns
All-America Flower Selections-- (15min, aired 5/06) 2005 Burlington Flower Display Garden
Forcing Spring Bulbs and America in Bloom-- (15min, aired 9/05) bulb tips, some AIB 2005 winners
Vermont Master Gardeners--Bennington-- (15min, aired 9/05) some Bennington county projects
America in Bloom-- (16min, aired 8/05) national community competition
Park McCullough House and Gardens-- (16min; flashback: aired 6/92) Bennington Victorian estate
Burlington Waterfront Park-- (6min; aired 8/12/05) All-America flowers and more 
King's Garden-- (16min; aired 6/3/05) Fort Ticonderoga and historic garden
Bloom Festival-- (3min; aired 5/05) Horticulture Research Center, So. Burlington VT, spring lilacs
Ednas-- (12min; aired 5/05) herb grower and specialist, Peru VT
Flowering Holiday Plants-- (15min 43sec; aired 12/8/04) poinsettias, other seasonal plants (Burlington)
Holiday Gardening Gifts-- (15min 44sec; aired 12/7/04) gardening gift ideas, Gardener's Supply
Houseplants-- (3min 50 sec; aired 11/03) overview of plant groups, Equinox nursery, Manchester VT 
Houseplants 1-- (15min 32 sec; aired 1/04) various foliage plant groups, Gardener's Supply (Burlington VT)
Houseplants 2-- (14min 59 sec; aired 2/04) various foliage plants, houseplants to clean air, Gardener's Supply
Orchids-- (14min 52 sec; aired 3/04) various orchids, Gardener's Supply
Bulbs--tulips, minor bulbs, planting -- (16 min., aired 9/04)
Vermont Master Gardeners, Northeast Kingdom -- (15 min. 29sec, aired 7/04)
Bulbs--design, daffodil types -- (16 min., aired 8/04)
New Annual Flowers 2004 (Burlington Waterfront) -- (16 min., aired 5/5/04)
Montreal Mosaicultures 2003 -- (16 min., aired 8/28/03)
Vermont Master Gardeners in Rutland -- (16 min., aired 7/03)
Specialty Annuals -- (16 min., aired 5/03)
Montreal Botanic Garden, Chinese and Japanese Gardens -- (16 min., aired 2/03)
Vermont Flower Show 2001 (15 min., aired 2/02)
UVM Hills Flower Gardens (16 min., aired 3/02)
Olallie Daylily Gardens (16 min., aired 8/02)
Perennial Pleasures (phlox, historic perennials, 16 min., aired 8/02)
Little Siberia Perennials(focus on heathers, 15 min., aired 9/02)
 Cider Hill Gardens (16 min., aired 1997, 2002)

Flowers at the Fair (tips on entering, from Champlain Valley Fair, 3 min., aired 9/02)

Peonies-- (16 min., aired 7/01)
Ladyslippers -- (16 min., aired 7/01)
Vermont Community Botanic Garden-- (16 min., aired 8/01)

Soil Preparation and Planting Perennials -- Leslie Van Berkum (6 min 47 sec., aired 5/00, part 1) 
Selecting Perennials and Design Tips -- (4 min 34 sec., aired 5/00, part 2)
Mature Perennial Garden Care -- (4 min 36 sec., aired 5/00, part 3)
Starting Seeds Indoors -- Cheryl Bruce (5 min., aired 4/00) 
Summer Flowering Bulbs -- (4 min. 22 sec., aired 5/00) 
Fall in the Perennial Garden -- (16 min., aired 9/00)
Vermont Flower Show 1999--Wizard of Oz (13.5 min., aired 3/00) (Windows media)
More Vermont Garden Trains -- (15 min., aired 7/00)
Floral Mosaics in Montreal -- (15 min., aired 7/00)
Selecting and Planting Roses -- (4 min., aired 6/00) Dr. Lois Berg Stack, Univ. Maine 
Care of Roses-- (2.5 min., aired 6/00) Dr. Leonard Perry 
Pruning Roses -- (4 min., aired 6/00) Dr. Lois Berg Stack, Univ. Maine 
Montreal Botanic Garden -- (16.5 min., aired 8/98)
Bulbs -- (16 min., aired 9/98)
Spring Perennials and Lilacs -- (16 min., aired 5/98)
Vermont Flower Farm (16 min., aired 1997)
Ledge in Thyme Gardens(16 min., aired 1997)
Vermont Garden Railways -- (15 min., aired 7/95)


Video clips
The following video clips (generally no audio) are Windows Media files.  They should open automatically in newer versions of Internet Explorer.  Otherwise if only characters appear (such as with Netscape versions), copy the file address, open Windows Media Player, under File-- Open URL, and copy in the link.

Dividing Peonies (21 sec.)
Planting Roses (53 sec)
Planting Perennials (60 sec)
Dividing Daylilies (62 sec)
Pollinating (18 sec)

Radio Programs (each 3 min., about 200K, you'll need RealPlayer to play)
Internet Gardening 1--finding flower information
Internet Gardening 2--traveling to gardens
Internet Gardening 3--finding garden associations, using garden gates, making contacts
Hobby Greenhouses 1--structures, what's involved
Hobby Greenhouses 2--growing, holding perennials
Practical Gifts for Gardeners
Fun Gifts for Gardeners
Literary Gifts for Gardeners
Moon Gardens--gardens to view by night, plants to use
Why no Flowers?--why some plants may not bloom
Container Gardening
Problems to Avoid in Container Gardening
Fall Cuttings of Tender Perennials
Overwintering Summer Bulbs
Feeding Hummingbirds
Monochrome Gardens
(note: these last three were the last I produced with UVM Extension before radio outreach was eliminated)

Slide Shows
New 11/12 Peonies, 43 slides

New 11/12 Some New Perennials and Underutilized Favorites (pdf handout)

New 10/12 Ten Top Vegetables and Perennials, 29 slides

Growing Cold Climate Grapes culture and pruning, 24slides

Spring bulbs types and classes, design, and culture; 85 slides

2010 update on campus, new annuals, research 
Chinese Lanterns (Montreal Botanic Garden fall 2008) (auto advances, audio) 
New Flowers and the UVM campus 2008 (need Internet Explorer to view)
The Art and Science of the Perennial Landscape (82 slides)
Choosing, planting, care of flowers (69 slides) 
Vermont Garden Railways (8 photos, changes automatically, for java-enabled browers)
Design Qualities of Perennials (20 photos and text)
Powdery Mildew on Phlox, Monarda (text slides)
Powdery Mildew Disease Symptoms, Cycle (text slides)
Color Harmonies (15 slides from English gardens and text, by student Rebecca Slater)

State and Canadian Flowers and illustrations on postal stamps 
Famous persons
Common Weeds, photos and descriptions
Common Name Lists, in various languages
Math in the Garden, samples and calculations 
Horticulture Research Center overview


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