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petunias  Burlington Waterfront Park -- Flower Display Gardens   

Central to this main park in Burlington, Vermont are several flower beds begun in 1993, containing annual (green labels) and perennial (black labels) flowers.  The annual flowers are an official display garden of the All America Selections program. Many specialty annuals are also on display, provided thanks to New Hampshire wholesale greenhouse growers DS Cole and Pleasant View.

 There are also many other activities there including boat rides, harbor, cafe, boathouse, ECHO Lake Champlain aquarium and science center and festivals.  Located on the waterfront, at the base of College Street, it is best seen in summer, and is open 24/7.

List of annual flowers 2013 (html file, best for smartphones) | (pdf file) 

Previous year lists

annuals: 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 20092008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002

The Photos:

photos 2013 (two weeks after planting--June12): front bikepath bed June | main bed SE corner Junemain bed west June | boathouse beds June

photos 2012 (one week after planting--June7, and on Sept. 5): front bikepath bed June | front bikepath bed Sept. | main bed NE corner June | main bed SE corner June | main bed SE corner Sept. | main bed south | main bed west June | main bed west Sept | boathouse beds June | boathouse beds Sept.

photos 2011 (one week after planting, June 10, and on Sept 2): main bed center | main bed SW corner June | Main bed SW corner Sept | main bed SE corner June | main bed SE corner Sept | main bed NE corner June | main bed NE corner Sept | path bed right | path bed left June | path bed left Sept | boathouse beds Sept | boathouse closeup | boathouse zinnias

photos 2010 (new beds, one week after planting and mid-August):  path bed right | path bed left | new main front bed to SWmain front bed to SW in Aug. | new main front bed to NW | main bed to NW in Aug. | boathouse tier beds after planting | tier beds in Aug. | main bed looking south from NW corner | main bed looking east from west side | main bed SW corner
photos 2009 (one week and one month after planting): front bed June | front bed July | front bed and ECHO Junecircle bed June | circle bed close June | circle bed July | circle bed close Julytier beds June | tier beds July | tier beds from top July 
photos 2008, planting (courtesy of  boathouse beds before | boathouse beds after | boathouse and crew | designing circle | circle laid out
photos July 2008: front bed | front bed artichoke | front bed ECHO behind | circle bed | back of circle bedpurple millet and salviatier beds with petunias
photos 2007: front beds June | front beds August | circle bed | tiered beds |
photos June 2006: front beds | close-up front | circle bed | tiered beds | top tiered bed
photos July 2005: front bed | front bed close | circle bed | circle bed close | tiered beds
photos July 2004: front bed | front bed close | circle bed | verbena | new trials | sign
photos 2003: planting 5/28/03 front bed | circle bed 5/03 | tier beds 5/03 | sign
one month later: front bed | front bed, side | front bed and circle | circle bed, left | circle bed, right | tiers, boathouse | tiers, view of marina | tiers, view of boat | front bed, view of ECHO center
photos 2002: planting 6/02 | front bed 6/02 | front bed 8/02 | circle bed 7/02 | circle bed 8/02 | circle bed close | tier beds 7/02 | tier beds 8/02 | tier bed overview
photos 7/01: front | boardwalk | tiers
photos, planting 6/00: front | circle | sign


Streaming Video (RealMedia links on names):

New Flowers 2011- (16 min, aired 4/11) from the Burlington VT All-America Selections display gardens in 2010 (Windows media) (

New Annual Flowers--  (16 min., aired 4/09)  new flowers from 2008 Burlington All-America Selections display garden   (Windows media) (
New Flowers for 2008-- (16 min., aired 4/08)  new flowers from 2007 Burlington All-America Selections display garden  (Google Video)  (Windows media)
New Flowers for 2007 -- (15 min., aired 5/07) new flowers from 2006 Burlington All-America Selections display garden (Google video)
All-America Flower Selections-- (15min, aired 5/06, 2005 Waterfront Park)
Burlington Waterfront Park-(6 min, aired 8/05)
New Annual Flowers 2004 (Burlington Waterfront) -- (16 min., aired 5/5/04 WCAX)

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These gardens are a cooperative effort of the Burlington Dept. of Parks and Recreation  and the University of Vermont (Dr. Leonard Perry). Appreciation is expressed to the Vermont Assn. of Professional Horticulturists , New England Grows, and  the Burlington Garden Club for funding and support.

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